How to use this site

The Fort Ross Media Archive Project has been designed to provide media professionals with useful footage for the creation of short segments promoting or providing info on the setting, history and recent events pertaining to the Fort Ross Bicentennial.
Each section has a preview of clips with embedded timecode to assist in marking desired high quality footage, which can then be downloaded directly into the production workflow.

Welcome to the Fort Ross Media Archive Project

Fort Ross, one of the main tourist attractions between Bodega Bay and Fort Bragg, is a California State Historic Park showcasing a historic Russian-era fort compound that has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

This website is for the purpose of providing content for news outlets looking for stock footage for stories about the fort and its bicentennial celebration.

The footage is divided into seven sections, each covering the following subjects: 
  • Fort Ross Area Beauty Shots 
  • Fort Ross Establishing Shots 
  • Cultural Heritage Day 
  • Harvest Festival 
  • Kashaya Blessing
  • Bicentennial Weekend, Day 1
  • Bicentennial Weekend, Day 2
“What a magic place California is! … The best years of my life were spent there.
I reverently carry the memory of them in my soul.” -- Alexander Rotchev